Top Cargo B.V. Success

is a regulated IATA CASS agent in Europe with its head office at Schiphol Airport. We specialize in airfreight and currently we coordinate over 1000 tons of airfreight monthly from Europe to all of China. Top Cargo’s staff originates from China and the Netherlands. In all offices and departments, we have Chinese speaking staff on duty so that communications with Chinese customers throughout the world run smoothly. Our multicultural staff has many years of experience in the business and truly makes us an international company ready for the future.

Who We Are

In the last years 3 years we have established Top Cargo BV. With the Chinese roots and the strong European network, we achieved a continuous and sustainable growth in all fields of freight forwarding.

In Q4 2019 we will be opening our German office in Frankfurt. Below we proudly highlight our benefits.

With our HQ at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands, we are at the heart of logistics. Our state-of-the-art facility at Schiphol airport with its many world-wide direct and indirect connection allows us to reach almost very station in the world. Additionally, the port of Rotterdam is just around the corner, giving us all world-wide ocean freight opportunities. By adding Paris and Frankfurt to the family, we will be able increase the strength of our European network and cover all destinations in Europe as well as in the world in even more ways.

Over the years we have developed personal relationships with airlines and suppliers. We consider them to be our partners and therefore we are able to offer unmatched services at budget costs. The combination of personal relationship management combined with our high volumes, has given us a strong position in the European market for import as well as export.

We believe that it is imperative for any good sales person to know the product and to be proud to sell it. No tricks, no false promises. Every agent has at least 5 years of experience in operations and customer service so that they can identify and anticipate to issues that may arise during transport. They will make you a complete offer that meets your needs and will give you advice so that you are able to conduct your trade and operations without worrying about the logistics of it all. Due to the experience and the knowledge of the market, our guys and girls are able to give you a quotation within no-time. Please try us sometime and be amazed by our response times and services.

Our staff is fully trained to be airfreight employees. All our operations are described in standard operating procedures so that every agent will handle each shipment with the same level of attention.

We are part of the WCA logistics network which allows us to quickly find agents all over the world. However, besides this network we also have our own network. By experience we made many friends worldwide. Whereas global companies must rely on their own offices, we can make a tailor-made solution with local people that know what they are doing.